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Light up the sky with Universal Fireworks

Universal Fireworks started as a part of Hythe Gun Sports in 1997 in Hythe, Kent. 
My very first experience of fireworks was when I was selling small bangers at school that my Gran had brought over from Italy in her suitcase on the train (very illegal now and definitely a thing of the past!) 
After the millennium, when we were exceptionally busy, the firework business was relocated to a purpose-built shop and store, to the rear of the Gun Shop premises, where it remains till this day.  Although the Gun shop has been redeveloped into cottages, the firework shop is behind these with access up an alley on the left hand side of Seaview cottages, to Albion Place. 
We are passionate about providing you the very best in pyrotechnic entertainment from our massive range of quality garden and display fireworks inc low noise to suit all budgets.

 Our purpose-built shop in Hythe has been established for 25 years.

We are open all year round (by appointment out of season) You can watch videos of our fireworks in our shop or on our website and see exactly what you're buying, Our extensive range includes

•    Selection boxes  
•    Rockets  
•    Fountains  
•    Roman Candles   
•    Single Ignitions  
•    Mines  
•    Roman Candle Batteries (Cakes)  
•    Catherine Wheels   
•    Smoke Flares  
•    Sparklers   
•    Single Shot Roman Candles   
•    Low noise Fireworks  
•    Self-fired displays (Fireworks selected to your budget including layout and firing order) 

Our product knowledge combined with our extensive experience means that our customers get the best fireworks for their event.

We can also provide you with a professionally fired display specifically designed to suit the occasion, budget and venue we will do our very best to make it a night to remember.

Universal Fireworks – Probably the best firework shop in the Universe

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