Universal Fireworks started as a part of Hythe Gun Sports in 1997 in Hythe, Kent.

My very first experience of fireworks was when I was selling small bangers at school that my Gran had brought over from Italy in her suitcase on the train (very illegal now and definitely a thing of the past!)

After the millennium, when we were exceptionally busy, the firework business was relocated to a purpose-built shop and store, to the rear of the Gun Shop premises, where it remains till this day.  Although the Gun shop has been redeveloped into cottages, the firework shop is behind these with access up an alley on the left hand side of Seaview cottages, to Albion Place. 


We stock a fantastic range of quality garden and display fireworks to suit all budgets. In store there are displays of all the fireworks available for sale, which are individually labelled with a description of the effects, duration, noise level and price. We also have a large monitor in store that shows a variety of videos of most of the fireworks in stock. The extensive selection of fireworks that we sell are as follows:  


  • Selection boxes  

  • Rockets  

  • Fountains  

  • Roman Candles   

  • Single Ignitions  

  • Mines  

  • Roman Candle Batteries (Cakes)  

  • Catherine Wheels   

  • Smoke Flares  

  • Sparklers   

  • Single Shot Roman Candles   

  • Low noise Fireworks  

  • Self-fired displays (Fireworks selected to your budget including layout and firing order) 



At Universal Fireworks, we are passionate about bringing the very best of Pyrotechnic entertainment possible and sharing our enthusiasm with like-minded people. We provide professionally fired displays from private parties, weddings, and funerals to local annual and corporate events. To name but a few: Port of Dover- Virgin and Saga cruise ship launches, Hythe Venetian Fete, Folkestone Triennial art festival, Folkestone Harbour Festival, Sandgate Sea Festival and Lydd Club Day.   


As qualified Senior Firers by the British Pyrotechnic Association, safety and pyrotechnic enjoyment is an absolute priority for us. We aim to provide the best service possible and make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their experience. Moving along with the times, we are constantly innovating and exploring new options, including low noise fireworks which we currently stock, however we are trying to increase this range to give people a larger choice. 


Opening Hours:  

 No Appointment needed: 20th October to 14th November  

 New Year Opening dates: 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st December until 9pm on New Year’s Eve   


Apart from the dates above, we are licensed to sell fireworks all year round. Please make an appointment by phone, email or messaging us online.  



 Universal Fireworks   

 Albion Place  


 CT21 5LU  

 Email address: sales@universalfireworks.co.uk  

 Phone number: 01303 264441